Up Dog benefits


Part of many Sun Salutations, Upward Facing Dog (I love imagining having a dog and saying, ‘Up Dog’, encouraging sofa and furniture use) is a great way to strengthen the spine, arms, wrists, shoulders, chest, lungs and abdomen.

Incredibly heart opening, it also helps strengthen the internal organs (including training lung capacity) and can lift our mood as well as energising us.

From lying on your belly, come up onto the palms of the hands (which should be below the elbows and shoulders to avoid any pressure for the lower back) extending the arms and lengthening the neck as much as is comfortable.

Ideally, just the tops of the toes and palms of the hands touch the mat as you open into Up Dog. In the Sun Salutations, come from Up Dog into Down Dog or, if practicing it on its own, come back to rest on your belly, noticing the breath and how you feel during and afterwards.

Does Up Dog help you feel more energised?

What do you notice about your breath in it?

Feel free to share below.





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