Tra la la la la la Triangle (in best Patsy Cline voice)


This is a great way to train the whole vestibular system for mental and physical balance. It helps strengthen our root chakra as well as being a lovely heart opener.

Twists are also great for digestion.

Through being grounded, we can open our hearts as we reach for the heavens. Both lifting and grounding.

Start with the right foot facing the short end of the mat and the left foot facing the long end, with both heels parallel (you can use the mat for guidance).

Bringing the arms up to shoulder height, elongate through the right side of the body so you start feeling your left side of the torso. Bring the hand down onto the right leg or floor, wherever feels best.

This is about keeping the heart centre open so roll the left shoulder back and bring the hand higher up the right leg to ensure you’re not collapsing the chest. Can you feel it in the left side of the torso? Keep the torso straight and the left side long.

Lift the left arm up and, if comfortable for your neck, look up at it. If not, just look at the floor – as with all the poses, it’s important to pay more attention to your own body’s wisdom than anything else.

This is great for allowing full thoracic breathing. Stay for a few complete breaths (maybe five if that feels good) here before gently coming back up to standing, pausing to notice how each side feels and then repeat on the left.

Have you experienced being able to reach for something in your life, reaching higher because you were super grounded?

How do you find Triangle?

Feel free to comment below.





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