Feeling helpless in face of the news and life? You might want to join the Silent Minute movement


We live in such a beautiful world. But sometimes, life can feel scary. We can feel helpless and unable to make a positive difference even when we can see (from the news or people we know personally) how much pain people are in.

Far from being the peaceful presences we want to be for the planet, we can easily find ourselves getting hooked into conflicts (even when they’re far away) ourselves.

So I was delighted to be added to Steve Nobel‘s new Facebook group, the Global Silent Minute.

‘The Silent Minute was an historic movement begun in the United Kingdom by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole O.B.E. in 1940 during the Blitz’ says Steve. ‘People were asked to devote one minute of prayer for peace at nine o’clock each evening. This group is about spreading this message worldwide. Wherever you are in the world take one minute of silence at 9pm. This way we create a wave of energy around the globe devoted to envisioning peace and a return of light dispelling the darkness of ignorance and violence on the planet.’

And we don’t even have to believe in ‘prayer’ (which can be a loaded word in itself for some), just to spend one minute each evening contemplating peace in our own way.

Some evenings, we may feel resilient and resourceful and able to build a lot of peaceful energy to share with the planet. Other evenings, if in turmoil ourselves, it may take all our willpower to aim to increase our own sense of peace.

But even the intention, choosing to focus on peace, can be a powerful thing.

I don’t imagine that 9pm will be possible every single evening (we’re human!). On the evenings I have appointments, I’ll do my ‘Silent Minute’ as close to 9pm as is possible. Still, I feel good about committing to join all the ones I can (I’ve set my little phone alarm for 9pm every evening as a reminder).

Group energy can be incredibly powerful – I hope you’ll join us on Facebook

And please share with anyone you think might be interested.



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