Are you friends with your Miraculous Self? (Energetic NLP training with Art Giser)


Have you ever considered the idea of having a Miraculous Self – that part of you that can help you not just tune into your inner guidance and wisdom but live in life’s flow much more?

One of the (many) loveliest things about attending Art’s Energetic NLP training was walking into a room where I unexpectedly already knew a few friendly faces. But while I’ve met many delightful people on each of the healing / personal development / similar trainings I’ve done over the past 14+ years, this felt different.

For me, it was a gorgeous addition to the therapeutic mind, body, heart and soul practices I already offer as so many already have that energetic / ‘transpersonal’ (beyond the person) element: the psychosynthesis counselling, NLP, EFT, crystals, yoga therapy and transpersonal coaching.

Art, Anne and Solar Events’ Jemma made it fun as well as powerful and while I’m no stranger to energy work, the shifts I experienced several times a day during the course were pretty amazing.

If you’re interested in experiencing Energetic NLP yourself (face to face in Witham, Essex and worldwide via Skype), you can find out more by clicking here.

And if you’d like to train with its delightful developer, Art Giser (who has been refining it since creating it in the 1980s and trained with NLP’s originators as well as energy workers around the world), I cannot recommend Solar Events’ courses highly enough (you can click here to find out more).

Metta x


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