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Outdoor yoga (my and other tips in Your Healthy Living)


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I’ve often practiced outside over the years. Mostly in the garden but sometimes, in more exotic locales.

We had outdoor classes in Spain many years ago (I was running the coaching element of some wellbeing retreats and really enjoyed the daily yoga and pilates overlooked by actual mountains and orange groves). And when I studied yoga in India*, that was outside, under the palm trees.

Last summer was my first time teaching outside (by the River Brain) and I’m still in awe of those students (seemingly) happily doing Lion alongside the River Walk.

What are your favourite outdoor yoga spaces?

What about asanas (poses?)

What about other outdoor exercise?

Top tips?

Feel free to share in the comments below.




*howling. Was in Goa and booked a private class. It was long before I ever considered becoming a yoga therapist myself but the idea of studying yoga in its birthplace tickled me