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Extra yoga class – 12.30pm on Saturdays


To celebrate sunshine, spring and all things waking up to life (and because some people are missing this class) I’m adding an extra Saturday yoga class (click here to find out more)

So for better sleep, book for Tuesdays at 7.30pm. If you’d like to feel more awake during the day (and more alive and awake in different aspects of your life), Saturdays at 10.30am will help.

And Wednesdays (5.30pm), Thursdays (6pm) and Saturdays (12.30pm) continue with themes for boosting all around mental health and wellbeing including balance, calm in a 24/7 world, working with your edge, concentration boosts, motivation boosts and much more.

Get in touch today if you’d like to book.

Metta x


Wellbeing at Work, bespoke talks and workshops


I had a lovely time at an investment bank today (while I’ve done talks and workshops for a wide range of organisations, this was my first investment bank).

Today’s talk was simple, practical ways to ease stress and boost wellbeing and potential, delivered to a delightful group of people celebrating International Women’s Day (in advance of tomorrow).

If you work for an organisation where people might benefit from similar (while each talk or workshop is bespoke, you can find out more about some of the most popular themes here), do get in touch to find out more about how I can help your staff learn to better support themselves in Feeling Better Every Day.

Metta x


Make anticipation work for you

I’ve been looking forward to next week for over a year. Back then, as well as working, I was coming to the end of my Post Graduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling training (which I’d started in 2008) and had recently embarked on my Yoga Therapy for Mental Health training. There was an overlap and I didn’t think I’d be able to manage.

Looking back, I’m not sure how I did. It’s meant working almost every evening and weekend for years but it’s nearly over. Although I have been working since 9am and have several hours’ ahead of me and I’ll be working all of this weekend, I’ll then be handing in my final essay and (assuming I pass…), I’ll no longer be a student. I’ll still work some evenings and weekends but not in the flat out way things have had to be.

Much as I’ve been loving all I’ve been learning, I’m really relieved (as is my bank account). And, of the friends I’ve stayed in touch with, one has had me sign a piece of paper promising no more training for at least a year. While I’ve been coaching and writing loads around work / life balance, I’ve not had much of my own.

The end of these studies also coincides with Graduation and my birthday so I’m looking forward to lots of celebrations. And, with all I’ve learned, I know that the anticipation of each will make the week even better as feel good neurotransmitter dopamine floods my system. I visualised myself:

* in that cap and gown when the counselling training felt too hard

* working with yoga therapy clients when revising the neuroscience and physiology components felt too much for my brain

* spending time with friends having FUN and not stressing about loads of deadlines on top of work deadlines

What Happy Thoughts keep you going when the week’s a struggle? Whether you’ve been looking forward to this weekend or something else, let yourself enjoy every minute of anticipation. Let it motivate and inspire you to keep going. Whatever you’re working towards, know that it’s worth your continued efforts.

And enjoy the results!

Find out more about improving your wellbeing at the weekends, at work and in all areas of your life at http://www.wellbeing-at-work.co.uk/id1.html


What can you say ‘No!’ to this weekend?

After longing for a couple of days when you can please yourself, are you ever disappointed to realise just how much of your weekends are taken up with things you’re doing for other people?

I’m not at all suggesting anyone forgets their parental responsibilities or simply doesn’t do the extra work they agreed to. Just notice how your time is taken up.

Are there some things you have on this weekend which you wish you had said ‘no’ to?

What made you take it on?

What might you say differently next time?

How can you practice saying ‘no’ this weekend?

What (and who) do you find it easiest to say ‘no’ to?

Once you’ve carved out some time for yourself which you’ll have more energy to enjoy, what would you like to do?

Whether it’s spending time with the kids doing something you’ll all enjoy, meeting friends or taking some alone time, keep this image in mind over the coming week and let it help you make your ‘no’s that bit stronger.

And if you really struggle, I can help. Find out more about improving your wellbeing at the weekends, at work and in all areas of your life at http://www.wellbeing-at-work.co.uk/id1.html



What have been your favourite weekends so far?

Give yourself a few moments to remember some of your favourite weekends.  Are they the kind where you catch up with loved ones you haven’t seen for a while? Travel to places you’ve never been before? Catch up with loads of reading? Putter around your home and garden? Take a day trip somewhere? Spend quality time with your family? Maybe even ones where you’ve been able to catch up on your sleep?

Think about this coming weekend. How can you bring even the tiniest hint of that Favourite Weekend flavour to the coming couple of days?

Often, we think we need much more time to benefit from things than we actually do. It might not be practical to visit friends in far off places for the whole weekend but perhaps you can at least schedule in a drink with someone closer to home or have a long chat by phone or Skype?

Maybe it’s been so long since you had time to putter that you feel overwhelmed rather than cosy when you look around at all the things you’ve put off for so many weekends. Choose just one – something that you’ll enjoy and that will bring big rewards.

Spending quality time doesn’t have to mean 48 hours. Think of a happy memory from your childhood, around the age your kids are now – get them involved in the planning if they’re old enough. What kind of memories do you want to create together? What can you do in 3 hours?

Get active – Walk locally (or cycle), perhaps taking turns you’ve never opted for before – get lost near your own home. Experiment with a new kind of exercise class or workshop.

Plan bigger weekends away (even if they’re months away) so you can look forward to them.

Be guided by your own happiest weekend memories and bring more of that energy into every weekend.

Find out more at www.wellbeing-at-work.co.uk