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My highlights from BACP’s Practitioner Conference on Saturday

Gill Fennings-Monkman MBE
Gill Fennings-Monkman MBE Chairing the Coaching Strand and presenting on her integrative approach to working with clients struggling with eating disorders

I loved Saturday’s conference. From the time I got involved with the planning (meeting people from other Divisions) last year to finally seeing how it all came together.

My highlights included:

  • Seeing my fellow Coaching Exec members – the lovely Gill Fennings-Monkman, Michele Down, Steve Page, Becky Wright and meeting our newest member, Sally Brown. Working with them is my overall highlight of being involved with BACP Coaching.
  • Gill’s presentation on eating disorder work was an inspiration
  • Jayne’s presentation reminded me just how important BACP Coaching and AICTP (the Association for Coach-Therapist Professionals) have been to me as I’ve become more comfortable integrating all my therapies as appropriate. At one point, I felt a surge of joy at being in a room filled with integrative practitioners.
  • Dr Tatiana Bachkirova – a name I recognised from textbooks from my integrative counselling and coaching training – talking about our different selves as coach-therapists and how they fit into Modernist and Post Modernist worldviews. Her view of the coach as a ‘collaborative explorer’ as well as subpersonalities talk reminded me of my psychosynthesis training and how integration often feels like the most natural thing in the world and quite radical.
  • Cathy Towers wasn’t in the Coaching strand but I enjoyed her workshop on money and, of course
  • meeting BACP Coaching members and people interested in finding out more about Coaching as we (hu)manned the stand during breaks.

I was sorry to miss Michele Down and Steve Page, Heather Mason and Shaura Hall, Clare Myatt and Dr Christiane Sanderson as well as other speakers I hadn’t recommended but wanted to clone myself in order to hear.

Were you there on Saturday? What were your highlights? Feel free to comment below.





Don’t have the energy to relax properly? Order your free yoga nidra mp3


Have you ever been so tired that you haven’t had the energy to do something that will truly relax your body and mind (like sleeping, meditating or doing something creative?)

Vegging in front of the TV can be great but it’s not relaxing in terms of helping your system enter that state which allows healing, regeneration and true rest.

Lots of relaxation techniques can feel a bit arduous if we wait until we’re overtired before deciding to take extra special care of ourselves.

Yoga nidra, on the other hand, is easy to do. And you just need to lie down or sit down comfortably.

We benefit most when able to gently relax into the instructions, staying aware and keeping still but we’re human and yoga is all about learning to be kinder to ourselves, supporting ourselves by making tweaks on the yoga mat which then helps us spot potential tweaks to make our day to day lives more beneficial for us. Just as sometimes, we’re able to do a strong physical practice and other days we need to take it easier, sometimes, it’s easy to follow the instructions and be still. Other times, our concentration feels shot or we may fall asleep.

This is perfectly fine. It’s relaxation, not endurance. If you fall asleep, your body is telling you you need sleep! Another day, you may feel better able to stay aware throughout. Be kind to yourself.

Similarly, sometimes, you may notice physical sensations and let them go. Other times, you may need to move or itch or whatever. Relaxation not endurance – do what’s right for YOU.

Benefits include boosting dopamine by up to 70% (so not only does it feel good but it helps us with motivation), changing brain waves so that an hour’s yoga nidra is equal to 4 hour’s sleep (although taking good care of yourself means doing all you can to ensure you get adequate regular sleep, too), boosting immune function, decreasing inflammation and reducing pain.

It also helps – alongside medical care – with symptoms for migraines, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and asthma.

I’ve created a free MP3 for you, partially inspired by Shaura Hall at YogaLove.co.uk.

While some are long (experiment with those too – there are plenty on YouTube and similar), this is under 14 minutes so is very easy to fit into your day. For those times when you haven’t the energy (or schedule won’t allow) class attendance, you can simply hit Play and benefit in the comfort of your own home.

To access it, click here and follow the instructions.



Eve x