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I’ve had so much support and encouragement from people around my forthcoming book, am delighted to say it’s now available for preorder via my publishers (for an introductory offer discount) and Amazon – click here for details.

Between that and the 4 page tie in piece in the current (February 2017) issue of Psychologies, it’s been a brilliant start to the New Year here.

Even so, as always with winter, it can often feel as if things are happening slowly. There’s an old coaching cliche about how, with our lives as well as planters / window sills / gardens / farms / wherever else we might grow things, we need to trust that beneath the muddy surface, though it may look as if nothing’s happening, enormous growth is occurring below and we don’t want to disturb that by digging up the seeds impatiently to check that it’s all ok.

I recently came across another gardening analogy (really odd as I have planters rather than an actual garden) about how rocky soil in vineyards, while tough for the vines to grow through, creates the sweetest grapes.

How are you feeling about your goals, dreams and hopes for the year?

Impatient? Trusting? Something completely different?

Feel free to post below.




‘They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds’


Thanks Lisa Lister (Love Your Lady Landscape, Hay House, 2016) for reminding me of this gorgeous proverb.

When have you felt buried by life?

What do you notice when you ponder your inner seed, right now? That part of you that’s healthy and whole and ready to flourish?

Do any ideas for how you might grow and flourish in spite of what you’re facing spring to mind?

If you’ve already flourished in spite of the thing that sprang to mind, what helped you do so?

How can you remember your resourcefulness and resilience more easily in the future?

Feel free to comment below.


Eve x