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Feel Better Friday video to help you let go of 2017 and bring in the new

Pretty much every time I go to the seaside, I consciously release whatever energies I’m ready to release by choosing a stone and imagining them pouring into that stone before I throw it into the sea – knowing all those energies can be recycled for the benefit of the planet.

Then I take another stone and imagine all the things I want to bring into my life and release that into the sea, too.

At this time of year, just part the Winter Solstice and as we take stock of 2017, let go of what no longer serves us and think about renewal and what we want to bring into our 2018, you might want to try it yourself – this video shows how you might do so.

Are you ready to unblock some of that older energy to start the new year with more openess for all the good life has to offer?

How do you prepare for the new year?

What helps you let go?

Feel free to share below.

Happy Christmas!




What helps you notice the beauty in life’s dramas?


I left for today’s sea swim in the rain. The forecast for the coast was (a little) different but I genuinely like swimming in the rain. We’ve been spoiled by so much glorious weather this summer.

The sea was so choppy that it actually knocked my goggles away so they filled with water. Not my most restful swim. It felt like a proper workout even though I only stayed in for 20 minutes. The water was much cooler than last week but still divine.

On the way home, my soul felt happy to have had its sea swim fix (am still hoping for a couple more this year). Sitting on the train home, watching the dramatic rolling clouds over expansive fields and basking in the beauty of it all, it occurred to me that I’m much better at appreciating nature’s moods and rhythms than I (still – after all these years of doing this work) my own.

I see a thundery sky and think it’s stunning. But in my actual life, I can still get caught up in judging myself for feeling whatever turmoil I may be feeling.

I am far quicker at doing what I encourage clients to do and notice that judgment and instead ask myself what I need in that moment but still, it’s far from instant.

Which problems feel like storm clouds brewing over your life right now?

How might you see the beauty in them even as you batten down the metaphorical hatches and take whatever practical precautions you need to take?

What might help you express your needs and wants to the people around you? How can you access all the support available to you?

Feel free to comment below.




What’s always felt a little out of reach but maybe isn’t?


This may look like an ordinary field but for me, it was my first ever walk in a field in which I wasn’t remotely worried about being shot by an angry farmer for accidentally trespassing.

I regularly admire fields from train windows, my not driving and assuming they were too far away for me to cycle to meant I didn’t even think about it.

… Until a local friend posted a similar picture and I wondered if I might hitch a lift with her next time she walked in such a splendid location.

Turned out, they’re local enough to not drive to! I love cycling back and forth from work and town along the River Walk in Witham (the River Brain is really more of a stream or even creek but it’s a beautiful stretch through town).

I adore the sea and make as many trips to it as possible as it feels so nourishing to be near it (ideally IN it).

When I lived in north Wales, I couldn’t get over the mountains and the sea in one place. While I love the look of mountains and rolling hills, I’m perfectly content to admire them without wanting to actually climb them.

I miss the woods from a town I lived in before and regret that the hill up to them meant I didn’t allow myself to get lost in the woods as often as I’d have liked.

I also loved cityscapes and typically get lost in London at least once a week. Meetings in different parts of the place I was born and lived in for many years mean I’m constantly in different parts, sometimes piecing locations and feeling more triumphant that I ought considering I’ve been using A-Zs, asking for directions and now, magical electronic maps.

Writing this, I’m gutted that I lost all my photos from Kenya when my computer imploded in 2012. Some of those landscapes were beyond spectacular.

What landscapes help you exhale more deeply?

How might you make more time for yourself to explore and get lost?

Feel free to share your favourites (pics of them, too, if you want) below.



*it’s coming up to two weeks since I learned to use the map function on my phone


Feeling stuck? Can you go outside?


Getting outside is almost always a great idea when we’re feeling stuck. The simple act of moving means we’re instantly starting to change the way we feel.

And nature is inspiring.

In Cecilia Ahern’s The Year I Met You (Harper Collins, 2014), the protagonist, Jasmine, is put on gardening leave for a year. She starts gardening. And healing.

If we have gardens, brilliant. But even indoor plants offer hope.

Visit a local park or woodland, the seaside or whatever you have access to and which most soothes your soul.

A short walk even from a city center will usually take us towards some kind of natural wonder (even the resilience shown by weeds fighting their way through a crack in the pavement).

What are your favourite natural spots to get you out from your stuckness and into the wondrousness of nature and life?

What can you access within half an hour, walking?

What can you get to easily enough by public transport or car?

What might you plan a special holiday around?

Feel free to share below.




Bringing holiday highlights home


Back from my first ‘proper’ holiday in years. Nine sea swims in eight days.

Glorious Greece.

And I’m happy to be home (as is Rainbow MagnifiCat, who had her own holiday staying with a loved one).

While walking into the sea each time barely pausing (as it wasn’t the Essex sunshine coast temperature I’ve become used to) was amazing, I know I’ll still love my more local swims.

The water being warm enough to swim properly (parallel to shore as don’t want to risk drowning) for an hour in the sea instead of my usual mixing things up with pool swims was something I don’t think I’ve experienced before.

Although in Kenya, the sea was so warm, was swimming at 6.30am each day but also pool swam. And my Goan sea swims, each time I’ve been, have been more being battered by the sea as very choppy each time I’ve been. Gorgeous sea but not swims as such.

Yes, I’m addicted to the sea. We did lots of other lovely things (and I got looooooaaaads done on my book draft in a really relaxed way) but it’s the sea swims I’ll be thinking of most.

I’ve also been inspired to start making fruit salads after the gorgeous Seagulls restaurant served such delicious ones.

Pausing in the supermarket to pick up fruits I’ve never glanced at before (and dividing it all into freezable portions so it stays a treat instead of feeling like pressure) was another way of bringing some holiday benefits home.

The abundance of the sea and of having access to fresh, good food and time to connect face to face and (although I found such sporadic wifi access not very relaxing) time to disconnect…

Am sure I’ll think of other things that became routine last week and which can be built into my daily life.

When you think of your own favourite (recent, long ago, imaginary) holidays, which elements have you integrated into your life at home?

What else might you try?

Feel free to comment below.