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Feel Better Friday video: Do you feel better when you get outside?

Full disclosure: Two minutes after recording this, we headed back as we nearly kersplatted in the mud.

So the rest of our walk was on the high street and it was still lovely (albeit not woods lovely).

Do you have days where you get so caught up on the treadmill of life that getting out, even for a few minutes, feels like too much effort?

How do you feel when you manage a short (or longer) walk?

How do you feel when you don’t bother?

What will help you do more of what feels good?

Feel free to comment below!




Feeling stuck? Can you go outside?


Getting outside is almost always a great idea when we’re feeling stuck. The simple act of moving means we’re instantly starting to change the way we feel.

And nature is inspiring.

In Cecilia Ahern’s The Year I Met You (Harper Collins, 2014), the protagonist, Jasmine, is put on gardening leave for a year. She starts gardening. And healing.

If we have gardens, brilliant. But even indoor plants offer hope.

Visit a local park or woodland, the seaside or whatever you have access to and which most soothes your soul.

A short walk even from a city center will usually take us towards some kind of natural wonder (even the resilience shown by weeds fighting their way through a crack in the pavement).

What are your favourite natural spots to get you out from your stuckness and into the wondrousness of nature and life?

What can you access within half an hour, walking?

What can you get to easily enough by public transport or car?

What might you plan a special holiday around?

Feel free to share below.