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My tips on staying motivated and 365 Ways to Feel Better featured in today’s Sun newspaper


Thanks Claire Dunwell for including some of my tips for staying motivated when you feel like giving up on your New Year’s Resolutions.

What helps you stay on track?

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Mind wandering when you want to be working? New column for Natural Health (August 2013)


Click above for practical tips on concentrating better, becoming more productive and getting to the root of any distractions…

Metta xx

What helps you get back on track when your mind wanders at work?


Get and stay motivated by boosting your dopamine levels – Minded Yoga therapy classes in Witham

A facebook friend recently asked me about increasing dopamine levels to help with motivation. I’m now taking bookings for my Motivation themed Minded Yoga therapy class in Witham, Essex – Saturday, 25th May (12.30-2pm) and Tuesday, 28th May (7-8.30pm).

As there are a maximum of three spaces (plus me) per class, you’ll get lots of individual attention as you not only enjoy a yoga class but learn some mind-body practices during the class (which you can build on at home between classes). This can help you naturally and enjoyably boost dopamine levels and make motivating yourself much easier.

In the meantime, you can increase levels by doing lots of things that bring you pleasure (from favourite yoga asanas to painting/singing/dancing etc – whatever works for you). Dopamine is associated with the anticipation of reward so knowing you have things to look forward to will likely boost dopamine levels.

Surprising yourself (even something like listening to music on shuffle and thinking, ‘Yay! I love that song!’ may increase levels) can be fun but it’s more surprising if maybe you and friends take turns surprising each other (friendly surprises not mean pranks) as that can be less predictable.

Essentially, do as much of what feels good as possible. Also, build up anticipation by really savouring treats.

So if you’re local to Witham, enjoy yoga and would look forward to joining me for a Motivation themed (or any other) Minded Yoga therapy class, click here to find out more and get in touch today to book your place.

Metta xx