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Are you letting strangers tell you you *should* be feeling blue?

Apparently, Monday’s ‘blue Monday’. Maybe, if you’re already feeling blue, knowing you’re not alone helps? Perhaps you’re bewildered as you’re having a brilliant 2017?
Today, Monday and everyday, let yourself feel however you actually feel. Amazing or really low, it’ll pass.
If you’re feeling a bit fragile, be extra kind to yourself. This means different things for all of us – ask yourself what might help you most right now.
If you want to lift your mood, notice how you want to move. If you enjoy yoga, gentle backbends can help us feel happier. You might want to play with these: Click here for Restorative Fish,  here for Bow and here for Camel.
Ultimately, every day of the year (of your life) you know yourself best. Tune into what you need instead of being swayed by others’ perceptions – especially when they’re worse than how you might actually be feeling.
Do you buy into Blue Monday?
When do you notice low mood?
What helps YOU?
How might you do more of those things?
Feel free to post below.
(PS – I’ve tried editing this several times but can’t correct the formatting)

New Wednesday classes – Yoga Therapy for the Mind, Essex


I’m happy to be adding an earlier evening class on Wednesdays from 5.30-7pm.

And I have some spaces available for the following dates and themes:

Sleep Well (Tuesday, 11th June and Wednesday, 12th June)
Mood Boosts (Saturday, 15th June, Tuesday, 18th June and Wednesday, 19th June)
Manifestation! (Saturday, 22nd June and Tuesday, 25th June and Wednesday, 26th June)
De-stress (Tuesday, 2nd July and Wednesday, 3rd July)
Trusting Life (Saturday, 6th July and Tuesday, 9th July and Wednesday, 10th July)
Concentration Boosts (Saturday, 13th July) and
Balance (Saturday, 20th July, Tuesday, 23rd July and Wednesday, 24th July).

Click here for more information.

I’m really loving teaching these classes and hope to see you soon.

Metta xx