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Avoiding overwhelm no matter what’s going on globally (Rapport July 2017)


When I pitched and wrote this, I had a sneaking suspicion that it might still be topical when it ran. You can read the piece here – Rapport Resourcefulness Global Events 24

Thanks again, Marilyn Devonish, Mandy Muckalt and Linda Aspey.

What helps you when you feel overwhelmed by the news?

Feel free to share below.




Personal Consultancy – the book launch


I had a lovely time at Debra and Nash‘s book launch last night.

Personal Consultancy is a model for integrating coaching and counselling/psychotherapy. And, of course, that can sound really jargony but, essentially, it’s about bringing ALL of who we are as coaches/therapists to best benefit our clients.

Even though I’ve been sober for a very long time (and it’s whisky I miss most), I loved Nash’s analogy of gin and tonic v tequila. In the first, the ingredients (gin, tonic and lime – coaching, therapy etc) are blended together and it’s hard to isolate each drop.

Tequila keeps things separate (licking the salt, downing the shot and sucking the lemon) but they still work together.


Through this book and by co-founding AICTP, Debra and Nash have created a forum for those of us with more diverse backgrounds to consider how best to work with clients. And their middle section takes into account many more ways of working by including chapters by contributors including Linda Aspey, Carolyn Mumby (pictured below) and Yannick Jacob.


If you’d like to buy the book, you can find out more here.

If you’re considering having some coaching and/or counselling/psychotherapy, you may find the book of interest (or simply ask your potential coach-therapist more about the way they work) but if you work in the field, I think you’ll find it very helpful.

You can also benefit from meeting other integrative therapists at BACP Coaching events as well as (I am a member of and love (so inspirational) both groups and recently became Chair* for the AICTP London group).

As the authors said last night, the world seems ready for an integrative approach. Support (or ‘consultancy’) that creates solid foundations as well as a beautiful building (their slides illustrated it well).

And if you’re in/near enough Witham, Essex (or happy to work via Skype and telephone everywhere), I’m very happy to talk to you about the way I work with these (and my other) services at Feel Better Every Day. (But wherever you’re based, do check out AICTP and BACP Coaching to find someone near you.)

Metta x

* Please email eve@feelbettereveryday.co.uk if you’d like to join us/our mailing list/find out more.