My Weekly Summer Health special – mental health feature (published 4/8/16)


If you struggle with anxiety, post traumatic stress, depression, OCD or any other mental health issues, what helps you be extra kind to yourself?

You can read the full piece by clicking the links below. I used to be able to easily create one pdf from several pages but this skill has (temporarily, hopefully) eluded me today.





Hope you find it helpful.

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Yoga benefits for ‘Blue Monday’ – Wheel (and other backbends)


Tomorrow’s ‘Blue Monday’ – that day of the year where, in this part of the world, we’re apparently most likely to feel down or even depressed.

If you’re in need of a lift, you might want to boost yourself by using your body. Just as forward folds are typically calming (not for everyone – the more you practice, the better you’ll get to know your own body and what works best for you), backbends help energise us and can improve our mood.

You’ll want to do this towards the end of your practice when you’re warmed up (injuring yourself is unlikely to improve your mood). Sun Salutations to warm the whole body (especially in this weather) can be helpful along with poses like Chair, Equestrian and Pigeon to warm up the larger muscles in the legs.

Starting with Bridge pose, a great backbend on it’s own, once your spine feels warmed up and if you feel like continuing into Wheel (it may be that the idea doesn’t boost your mood in which case, listen to your own body’s wisdom!), lie back down onto your back and bring the hands over your shoulders and into position for Wheel.

You may want to stay there (check in with yourself at every step and if you’re not familiar with yoga or have any injuries or hesitations, don’t do this without support or supervision). If you want to continue, lift the hips and come onto the crown of your head, pausing. If it feels good for your body, come up into the full pose.

Notice what’s happening with your breath, aiming to continue breathing fully and deeply for as long as feels comfortable (maybe one complete breath, maybe five. You know yourself best).

When you come back down, notice what’s happening with your mouth. Are you smiling? Notice however it is you’re feeling.

It may be that coming out of the pose is what lifts your mood but it’s a great one to play with if Wheel appeals. It’s also wonderful for helping us retrain our nervous systems over time, increasing our allostatic load which, in turn, helps us better manage bigger stresses off the yoga mat.

You can get many of the benefits by coming into the pose over a Swiss ball. This way, you’re opening the body in the same way but don’t have to support all of your weight with your arms and legs.

If Wheel doesn’t appeal, Sphinx, Cobra, Bow, Up Dog or even Mountain pose with a small backbend can all help you work with your body to help change the way you feel.

Does ‘Blue Monday’ have an impact on your mood?

What helps you cheer yourself up?

What are your favourite backbends?

Maybe you know deeper issues are at play. What changes could you make to your life, work and/or relationships so you enjoyed this day of the year more?

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Promising new research on yogic breathing for PTSD

New research by Richard J Davidson et al, published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress, has shown promising results for downgrading hyperarousal in the autonomic nervous system.

It’s the first longitudinal randomised controlled trial to show benefits in PTSD symptoms through controlled breathing.

Find out more about this research by clicking here.

And if you’d like to experience yoga therapy sessions, courses and classes (based on the training I did at the Minded Institute, incorporating yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience and psychotherapy), get in touch to find out how you can learn to use your body and breath (as well as your mind) to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and traumatic stress (including PTSD).





Now booking for September’s Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

My next Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression starts on Monday, 8th September.


If you’re local (enough) to Witham, Essex, and would like to learn how to use your body, breath and mind to retrain your nervous system and brain, offering immediate relief and long lasting (with practice) benefits, get in touch to find out more or visit

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News and special offers re Yoga Therapy Classes in Witham, Essex


I have lots of exciting news re my yoga therapy classes and course in Witham, Essex – please share this post if you know anyone fairly local who might benefit.

NEW: Morning yoga classes – Wednesdays 10-11.30am

Having been asked about offering morning classes by a few people, I’ve decided to start next week! Click here for upcoming themes, available dates and more information. And you can book easily by getting in touch with me.

ONE SPACE LEFT for the Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

This is the first of its kind (a unique blend of yoga therapy, psychotherapy, neuroscience and mindfulness) to be run in Essex and I’m excited to have ordered manuals and cds etc for my first group starting on 24th October. Click here for more information. While there’s only one space left for the current venue (in Witham), if there’s enough interest within the coming week, I can hire a larger space and order more materials so please get in touch ASAP if you’re interested. And if you can’t do that time but are interested in the course, do let me know your preferred times/days of the week for when I’m scheduling future courses.

NEW: Yoga passes for themed Yoga Therapy classes in Witham

Passes can be used for 5 or 10 classes and you can save up to £30. They can be paid for via cheque, cash, credit card, PayPal or BACS transfer and are valid for up to a year from the date of purchase. Click here to find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you (email or phone 07584 354963 or 01376 510012) if you’d like to find out more / book your space.

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Depression Awareness Week – how does depression impact you? / Mr Lightman
Image courtesy of / Mr Lightman

Depression Awareness Week kicked off today but it’s still the kind of condition that people can feel quite vague about. Even if you know you’re prone to depressive episodes, when it engulfs you, it can take a while before you realise, ‘Ah, yes, this is the depression.’ While it can be debilitating, there’s much more to you than your depression. You can recover from this and find joy in life again.

The Feel Better Every Day Consultancy offers psychosynthesis counselling and Yoga Therapy for Mental Health. This unique blend of yoga, psychotherapy, neuroscience and mindfulness helps people struggling with depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD literally retrain their brains using the breath and body when they can’t simply think themselves better.

Please get in touch to find out more about potentially working together.

While it may feel impossible to imagine ever feeling good again, some people find that their depression helped them make changes in their lives which ultimately improved things.

It’s really important that you reach out and take advantage of the support that’s on offer from your GP, loved ones and others who want to help.

The NHS recommend seeking support from your GP (who can refer you to a local counsellor and/or prescribe medication) if you have lost interest in things you used to enjoy and feel sad and hopeless every day for more than two weeks for most of each day. You can find out more about symptoms here.

Whether you’re depressed yourself, are concerned about a loved one or want your employees or others in your organisation to enhance their wellbeing, I hope this week will give you more insight into the condition.

And if you have any questions for me, do let me know.

Metta xx


Finding personal peace in 2013 and beyond

????????????????????????????????????????????????????When I first went freelance in 2004, my plan was to write about some of the amazing activists I’d met and heard about. I’d been involved in the peace and women’s movements for years and was regularly overwhelmed and awed by people’s courage, intelligence and more. I figured even though I could never go to such places or do such things, I could at least help braver souls than me get the word out.

Looking back, the year before, I’d been depressed. If memory serves, I realised something was wrong when I could no longer hold in my tears until I was somewhere private or even just crying quietly at my desk but was openly weeping simply walking through the office each day. I couldn’t stop imagining the devastation caused by our bombs and policies in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere (my name’s Eve – I used to feel personally responsible for everything).

When I told my boss I thought I better see my GP, she looked beyond relieved. I was in complete denial about all my own stuff at the time but knew I felt hopeless about the world and my ability to impact it. Rather than wondering why I was so upset, I couldn’t understand how everyone else wasn’t. The doctor signed me off for a couple of weeks and prescribed medication I knew I would never even fill the prescription for – I knew that I needed to change my life rather than popping pills.

I’d already started training as a complementary therapist and coach and going freelance while setting these businesses up made me feel more hopeful. Naturally, it was MUCH harder setting up than I’d ever imagined (and totally worth all the struggle).

My first ever press conference was at a conference in New York with Eve Ensler, Sally Field, Jane Fonda and activists from Iraq, Afghanistan  and other places. (I couldn’t resist telling a startled Eve Ensler and Gloria Steinem that their writing had saved my life.) But, while I wrote about it for a couple of titles, mostly, the editors who were commissioning me wanted me to write about wellbeing.

Eight-plus years on (including a gazillion hours’ training in various wellbeing related disciplines and, of course, client hours later), I understand that world peace (feels embarrassing to type it but I DO still crave world peace) has to start with personal peace.

When we’re at war with ourselves, we’re cranky (angry, hostile or worse) with others. I know in my own life, when I’ve not been looking after myself, I’m that bit shorter with others. By taking responsibility for our own energy and doing the things that help us feel strong, centred, calm, loving and secure, we’re able to negotiate better with others even when things feel quite volatile.

So this new section of my blog will focus on some of the small but effective ways we can all (everything I write is still a reminder to myself to keep putting all this fantabulous stuff into practice in my own life) boost our personal peace.

We can all help make our own worlds and the whole world that bit more peaceful, kinder and more loving.

I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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