My and others’ tips for a good night’s sleep in the Daily Mail (1/6/15) sleep report by India Sturgis


Click here to read the online version (I haven’t yet seen the print version but think, from what I was sent yesterday, that more of my tips are in that one).

When encouraging people to choose crystals (for better sleep or anything else), I always emphasise the importance of trusting your own intuition. Sure, certain stones have traditional associations (some of which are shared in the print version) but it’s most effective to have a clear intention and choose one specifically to help you, in that moment.

If curious, sit (or stand or lie down!) comfortably and ponder your intention, asking to be guided to the best stone to support sleep (or whatever).

The clearer you can be with this, the more strongly you’ll feel guided – play with it.

What helps YOU sleep?

Feel free to comment below.

Metta, Eve x


Me (and others) on working with crystals in today’s Daily Mail

They missed half of my last name (Menezes Cunningham) and I don’t think I’ve ever been called ‘middle class’ before (bizarre) but, yup, I believe that crystals can be a wonderful catalyst for all sorts of changes. – click this link to read the full article

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Big thanks to Polly Dunbar (words) and Paul Webb (pics).

Metta x