Happy Positive Thinking Day! (Bleugh)


 Urgh. It’s a bit forced, isn’t it? The idea that no matter what’s going on personally and/or globally, we ‘should’ be seeing the positive.

Sometimes, it’s really important to honour however we’re feeling even if that’s saying ‘Bleugh’ to the idea of seeing the positive.

Still, in honour of the day, if you’d like to reframe something you’ve been seeing in a limited way, it’s an ideal time to play with it.

How might you feel if you think about the potential benefits behind whatever issue you’re finding challenging right now?

Maybe it’s making you stronger?

Forcing you to learn to ask for support even when that’s the last thing you want to do?

Recognising that you’re not a machine and need to say ‘no’ to some of others’ demands on your time and energy?

Even if you have to dig deep, notice the possibilities that arise as you imagine how Future You will have grown so much stronger as a result.

What problems have turned into benefits (long term) in the past?

How did you do this?

This isn’t about rushing ourselves through the bad to feel the good, just holding the possibility that something positive is trying to emerge and being open to that.

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