Feel Better Friday video: What helps you stay on track when things seem foggy in the middle?

While I hope this is useful for you, this is especially apt for me at the moment – I have a long term plan I’m beYOND excited about and much murkyness around how to organise the logistics.

So many things I’ve never done before and need to figure out and yet the pay off will be huge.

Some of the tools that are helping me (and which I’ve used with clients and myself in the past) include:

  • staying focused – even without updating my vision board, I have a very clear visual representation of my goal which makes me smile each time I imagine it. It’s specific and expansive enough that it doesn’t make me feel bogged down but instead, spacious, inspired and resourceful. Am beaming right now (having felt slightly nauseous earlier) thinking about it
  • being organised – yes, I can be impulsive and sure, I have an overactive imagination but I’m also very organised and this helps ground me (see below for other ways to ground). Where your goal is so big there’s a lot to keep track of, get it out of your head and into a format that makes sense for you. I’m using an Excel spreadsheet – not the most glamourous approach but brilliant for me as I can simply start different pages for different branches of this endeavour. You might prefer a ring binder or ‘murder board’ type wall with strings linking different goals as if they were suspects in a TV drama (I did it this way once but it overwhelmed me each time I looked at it)
  • choose who to share with – I fear I’m already boring loved ones talking about this huge change I’m working towards. So I’m journalling more and ensuring I have conversations with loved ones which don’t include this suddenly very important to me topic at all (I’m still talking about it too much) – I’m also being choosy about not sharing it with people who are less supportive
  • create a mood box – I vlogged about this last week but this is a perfect example of when you might find it helpful – I can gather all the practical physical information in one box as well as adding other quirky little related things as I progress down this path
  • stay grounded – this has been especially important for me this past week (I am prone to excessive enthusiasm and can quite easily get swept away) – I taught an especially grounded yoga class yesterday and was reminded how powerful tools like breathing the earth’s grounding energy in and out, simply connecting with the parts of the body that are in contact with the floor / chair /whatever is supporting you. Things like organising paperwork, cooking, clutter clearing, cleaning, gardening, walking, any kind of physical activity can all aid grounding
  • trust and surrender – when I turned 34, I got my first (only so far) tattoo which, to me, symbolises the reminder to let go, trust and surrender. It still makes me laugh 8 years on as I so often forget, get caught up in my imaginings of how I want things to be or fear they’ll be. As soon as I remember to relax and let go, am exhaling more deeply just typing this.

These are just a few tools that can help us stay on course.

What have you found helpful for yourself?

Feel free to share below.




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