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These tips are to help you find ways of taking responsibility for your own energy and meditating that will work for YOU in your daily life

I know, I know, but, in case you’ve started your Christmas shopping…


I can already hear the outrage. It’s only the start of November! And yet, some people LIKE to sort Christmas and other holiday shopping early. Some people (including me) are already REALLY looking forward to making 2018 the best yet.

If you’re interested, I’ve put together a few potential gift ideas – maybe treats for yourself, maybe a gift for a loved one.

My book, Sleep Yoga classes, 9 Week Chakra Coaching Programme and any integrative therapy session (ie, you can choose which you’d like to include – some coaching alongside yoga? Crystals? NLP? EFT? Meditation? Recently, I’ve been working with yoga and crystals at the same time – really interesting, powerful work) are a few potential gift ideas.

Click HERE for more information and ideas and get in touch if you have any questions.

I work with individuals and groups in Essex (Witham, Colchester and Frinton on Sea) and worldwide via Skype/Vsee and telephone.

I look forward to working with you (and your loved ones!) the rest of this year, in 2018 and beyond.




Billericay Library book signing on Saturday, 25th November


Am really pleased to be doing a book signing in the town I did a lot of growing up in. If you’re local enough to Billericay, Essex and would like to join us, please come along.

And if you have any friends, relatives, colleagues etc there who might be interested, I’d really appreciate your letting them know about this.

Hope to see you there!

And you can find out more about this and other upcoming events HERE.




Feel Better Every Day on Sea – sessions now available in Frinton

Feel Better Every Day on Sea

My main client space remains Witham, with the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy on the high street but, in recent months, I’ve been offering a few sessions a week from Colchester (and am starting teaching a Sleep Yoga class there in January).

As of this week, am delighted to be offering a few sessions a week from Frinton on Sea on Essex’s Sunshine Coast. The Connaught Clinic is just a few moments from the seafront and a short walk from the station.

Connaught Clinic

 Find out more HERE and, of course, let me know if you have any questions or would like to book an initial session with me.




How can you dig deeper today?


The more grounded we are, the higher we can reach. If you’re feeling stuck, in any area of your life or work, rather than trying to rush through the feelings, what might happen if you allow yourself to really pay attention to what’s going on for you?

I love when things make sense in hindsight (Oh, THAT was what my body was trying to tell me when I was in pain with that…) but find the deciphering phase more frustrating. Even so, with practice, I think I’ve become a bit better at it. Even if it simply means trusting the process more. Allowing the ickiness before we can see beyond our feet and instead glimpse the sun through the trees above us.

The more we bend our knees, the closer we get to the ground, the higher we can jump.

What helps you feel most grounded?

What do you resist the most when you know getting grounded would really help you?

Right now, I’ve been resisting cleaning my bathroom – something I do automatically each week but which this week feels like something I don’t want to do. Typing this and recognising that cleaning  – like cooking, gardening, getting organised, going for a walk and so many other everyday things – is grounding means I’ll do it now… That feels much better.

Some people talk about needing to wash up before they can get down to writing. Rather than beating yourself up for procrastinating, recognising it as part of your process means you can enjoy it (as much as anyone can enjoy cleaning etc).

For some, it’s scrubbing potatoes. Others, organising closets. Digging… Any kind of exercise or movement.

Maybe it’s a more metaphorical digging you need and some time journaling can help you.

What helps you ground. What do you notice afterwards? 

Next time you’re reaching high for something, when it feels like maybe you can’t quite reach, before grabbing a metaphorical ladder to climb even higher, come back to the earth. See what more you can accomplish from a more solid, strong and grounded foundation.

Feel free to comment below.




Working with our changing energy levels

What helps you feel most strong, fit and healthy-

When I’m on fire (feeling strong, fit and healthy), I think practically nothing of cycling the four mile round trip to get to the gym, do a (yoga, Pilates or Body Balance) class, swim for an hour and head home.

When I’m at my strongest, I do this three or four times a week. I feel like ‘Yaaaaayyyyy! Am really getting somewhere. I can feel myself getting stronger, more toned, more flexible and even [often right before I fall over] more co-ordinated!’

And then, maybe I get my period or a cold or injure myself or simply fill my schedule with too much work and I lose that momentum.

Three or even two times a week then feels more like hard work. And yet, I know myself – If I don’t get my two or three swims a week, I start feeling more amoeba than human. Swimming for me is more yogic than yoga. Even so, I do at least a little yoga every morning after my meditation.

Again, this varies a lot. Sometimes it’s a ‘proper’ practice, other times, just a few gentle poses. And (when feeling more amoeba than human) sometimes, maybe just Child pose. The important thing is that I do some yoga every day.

On other days, I’m generally walking a fair bit or cycling to run errands and go back and forth from work. Yet it feels as if I regularly cycle between feeling like I’ve got this routine down as habit and meh.

While I’m more at ease with the ‘on top of the world’, ‘getting stuff done’ part of my cycle, I’ve learned to honour all parts. That’s not to say that when I’m feeling ‘meh’, I don’t wish I could snap myself out of it.

Sometimes, self-care means pushing myself and doing more (like going for that swim I’m planning during a break between sessions today) and other times, letting myself off the hook.

How do you manage your energy cycles and fitness routines? 

What helps you be kind to yourself wherever you are in your cycle?

What is your ‘ideal’ exercise schedule for a strong week?

What about when you’re feeling much more ‘meh’?

Feel free to share below.




What to dooooooo? Working with our shadows

2015-08-04 11.43.10

What can we do to avoid historian’s predictions of Holocaust-like-history repeating itself? As individuals? How can we tap into the loving, expansive, inclusive, generous parts of ourselves and humanity instead of giving into fear and loathing?

Yes, there are petitions and demonstrations.

But what about the rest of our lives? The gazillions of thoughts and beliefs we rarely even notice but which contribute to our experience and the way we relate to others?

Apart from sending Metta to places we feel helpless around, we can take a look at our own shadow stuff.

I read an interesting piece by Deepak Chopra today on Donald Trump being a manifestation of America’s shadow.

We all have our shadow aspects and they’re not easy to recognise when we’re caught up in them.

Just as we all have the potential to do amazing things with our one, precious life, we could find ourselves in unimaginable circumstances and be capable of the worst, least imaginable acts.

When we notice them, we can integrate them by owning what we’ve been repressing in ourselves and projecting onto the other.

Something we can all do is pause before posting or speaking or lashing out in any way.

Notice where our shadow might be in that moment.

Who are we most angry with right now?

What does he or she represent to us?

What hidden aspects of ourselves resonates with what they’re doing?

How does it feel to own that feeling? To acknowledge that at some point, we’ve all felt homicidal?

Again, I’m not at all advocating acting on such feelings. Oddly, making this more conscious means we’re less likely to act out aggressively. 

It can be scary.

I’m a pacifist by nature. I wish we could all just get along. We’re all the same. Where we were born had nothing to do with us. Hippie, peace, love, blah…

Years ago, I learned that trying to send peace and love to people who were annoying me was, frankly, beyond me. I think Metta’s wonderful but even that varies day to day. This was years ago and I eventually realised that owning the fury, the rage, the anger and the despair was freeing.

Obviously, I’m not talking about acting on any of this. But recognising however we’re feeling and letting that be OK actually enables the feelings to move through us more quickly than when we try to deny them.

So writing this, thinking about certain politicians and their seemingly bullyish ways, I can either judge them and pretend it’s all about them or be open to acknowledging that bully part of myself.

The part that I don’t want to acknowledge I have yet that I realise of course I do, otherwise it wouldn’t upset me so much to see it in others.

Once I’ve done this, I can better see how I am connected to, for example, a politician. Or someone who votes differently to me. Or a terrorist. Or a serial killer. Or someone who puts his or her feet on the seats on public transport. Or child or animal abuser. Or any number of people I don’t want to think I have anything in common with.

As with everything, it’s a practice. But the more I do this, the less likely I am to add fuel to the emotional fires of the world right now with mean, small minded, unpleasant posts (I’m deleting A Lot).

Embracing our shadows not only helps us integrate and be more whole ourselves but we’re better able to reach out to others with compassion and kindness.

And this depends on us embracing our shadows (rather than beating ourselves up for not being saints, having said shadows).

Who are you most angry with right now? Who do you hate?

How does it feel to own that hatred and fury in yourself? (If a lot is coming up, you might want to work with a therapist – use all available support.)

Personally speaking, just through drafting this post, I’m feeling something closer to empathy for certain politicians than I’ve previously been able to feel.

How about you?

Feel free to comment below.


Eve x




Embodied decision making and Cicely Tyson

CicelyTysonEmbodiedDecision CicelyTyson

Now in her 90s, Cicely Tyson (pictured in The Help), told Oprah, in one of her Master Class programmes, that she bases her decisions around which roles to take on whether her skin tingles or her stomach churns.

Our bodies have so much wisdom for us when we learn to understand it.

For you, the signals may not be as easy to understand at first (practice really helps) but you may want to take a moment to think about a decision you have no regrets about and then a decision you knew wasn’t right for you.

What are you aware of in your body as you remember making these decisions?

Tingly skin and stomach churniness are just a couple of possibilities – you may have felt your heart lifting or sinking, nausea (personally speaking, when I started doing this about a decade ago, my good and bad decision signals were BOTH nausea but good had a butterfly feel to it whereas bad was pure sick to stomach. Most people’s are more easily differentiated), a heaviness, a lightness, warmth, cold… notice what YOU feel.

There are other ways to learn to understand your body’s signals but this is something you can potentially figure out for yourself, right now, if you just spend a few moments pondering both good and bad decision.

Feel free to let me know how you get on in the comments below:

How does your body let you know about good decisions?

And bad?

Have you ever ignored it?

What’s your top tip for working with this?


Eve x





Dragon tails, superheroes and somatic presence


I had a lovely day at the fantabulous Clare Myatt’s somatic presence workshop. My highlights included:

  • learning additional ways to ground and centre (eyes open made it a radical change to my existing tools)
  • new ways to tune into the body’s wisdom when making decisions and
  • a resilience building exercise which sounds too bizarre to write about but which was incredibly valuable both personally and professionally.

Bonus – really lovely group of people to spend the day with.

Find out more about Clare’s work here.

Then, I came home to Amy ‘Power Pose’ Cuddy’s fab new book, Presence. I’d learned about her research during my yoga therapy training. Since then, I’ve taught it to countless clients, students and workshop attendees.

In a nutshell, Cuddy’s research was around whether humans taking up more space might impact our confidence as primates of higher social standing exemplified these power poses (think men on the Tube).

Her research makes it fun, around expansive superhero (or yoga poses like Warrior II) poses. I’ve heard of people doing this by their cars before presentations but you don’t have to as the effects last for hours, increasing testosterone and reducing cortisol after holding them for just 2+ minutes.

Not only did they feel less stressed and more confident, but they were seen as more competent by strangers.

You can see the famous Ted Talk here.

What I hadn’t known was that the Harvard professor’s interest in presence started when she felt like an imposter in her own body after a car crash left her with a traumatic brain injury.

It’s a gorgeous book which, like Clare’s workshops, I’d recommend not just for coach-therapists and yoga therapists but for everyone.

What helps you feel more embodied (at ease in your own skin, content, powerful, safe, relaxed, open and so on)?

Feel free to share below.


Eve x



Wishing y’all the coolest of Yules and a very Happy Christmas 2015

2015-12-19 10.39.56

This Monday night / Tuesday morning, Yule (also known as the Winter Solstice in this hemisphere) gives me an excuse to start eating the delicious looking chocolate Yule Log I’ve been saving.

But more importantly than cake, it’s a great time of year to reflect on our inner selves, private lives, renewal and rebirth.

It’s a time to remember that darkness isn’t scary but a time of enormous growth below the surface. I love* Keats’ idea of ‘negative capability’. Cultivating a willingness to stay with the unknown rather than pushing for answers can allow greater creativity and progress.

Ideas around possibility and potential are really important at this time of year. We can allow ourselves to dream big for ourselves, shining light on our hopes.

Any kind of renewal also involves letting go so it’s a great time of year to release whatever’s no longer serving us (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and in any other way you can think of).

Letting go allows us to invite in the new.

It’s also a time of paradoxes as all this inward looking quiet energy is countered by all the festivities of Christmas. Some people find themselves coming down with bugs because they’re burning the candle at both ends.

Quiet reflection may seem like a distant dream itself.

You know yourself best. Just take odd moments, when it suits you, to check in with yourself.

What are you most looking forward to about the coming week?

Have you got the balance right for yourself in terms of outward energy and time with others v quiet(er) time alone or with immediate family?

How can you honour loved ones you may especially grieve at this time of year?

What supports can you put in place so feel less overwhelmed with too many social commitments / isolated and lonely?

What are your favourite (Yule / Christmas / whatever holidays you celebrate around this time of year) traditions and rituals?

What are you going to do differently this year (maybe allowing yourself more time to think about what you want to do instead of being swept along in everyone else’s wishes?)?

What are your biggest dreams and goals at the moment?

Feel free to post in the comments below.

Cool Yule!


Eve x



*hypothetically – in reality, I often forget and have to remind myself that whatever is unfolding is unfolding and I just need to be patient a little longer (as with everything, it’s a practice)