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Using diaries to enhance your self-care

Wow. It’s a really long time since I blogged – the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with videos. From now on, I’ll be blogging each new video and I’m planning to make them mostly #feelbetterfriday videos as, apparently, it’s better to do such things on the same day each week.

This week’s video is sharing my love of stationery, especially diaries. As well as a blank one for journalling, I use several each year for different purposes:

  • appointments
  • things to do
  • keeping track of finances
  • keeping track of habits and how I’m doing in terms of making the new improved behaviour habitual

The video above shares some simple tools to help you do the same as well as ideas for becoming a mood detective into what helps YOU feel better so you can do more of those things on purpose.

There are also lots of great planners available – I’ve used Danielle LaPorte’s and the Daily Greatness in the past.

What kind of diaries do you use?

What is your top tip?

Wishing you lots of fun in planning your best year yet for 2018.




I know, I know, but, in case you’ve started your Christmas shopping…


I can already hear the outrage. It’s only the start of November! And yet, some people LIKE to sort Christmas and other holiday shopping early. Some people (including me) are already REALLY looking forward to making 2018 the best yet.

If you’re interested, I’ve put together a few potential gift ideas – maybe treats for yourself, maybe a gift for a loved one.

My book, Sleep Yoga classes, 9 Week Chakra Coaching Programme and any integrative therapy session (ie, you can choose which you’d like to include – some coaching alongside yoga? Crystals? NLP? EFT? Meditation? Recently, I’ve been working with yoga and crystals at the same time – really interesting, powerful work) are a few potential gift ideas.

Click HERE for more information and ideas and get in touch if you have any questions.

I work with individuals and groups in Essex (Witham, Colchester and Frinton on Sea) and worldwide via Skype/Vsee and telephone.

I look forward to working with you (and your loved ones!) the rest of this year, in 2018 and beyond.




Billericay Library book signing on Saturday, 25th November


Am really pleased to be doing a book signing in the town I did a lot of growing up in. If you’re local enough to Billericay, Essex and would like to join us, please come along.

And if you have any friends, relatives, colleagues etc there who might be interested, I’d really appreciate your letting them know about this.

Hope to see you there!

And you can find out more about this and other upcoming events HERE.




Feel Better Every Day on Sea – sessions now available in Frinton

Feel Better Every Day on Sea

My main client space remains Witham, with the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy on the high street but, in recent months, I’ve been offering a few sessions a week from Colchester (and am starting teaching a Sleep Yoga class there in January).

As of this week, am delighted to be offering a few sessions a week from Frinton on Sea on Essex’s Sunshine Coast. The Connaught Clinic is just a few moments from the seafront and a short walk from the station.

Connaught Clinic

 Find out more HERE and, of course, let me know if you have any questions or would like to book an initial session with me.




Special introductory offer (save £360) on my 9 Week Chakra Coaching Programme


I’ve been working with the chakras since I started my crystal therapy training in 2001.

My first experience of a chakra meditation was so powerful, I thought I was having a heart attack (it was simply my heart centre beginning to heal – and don’t worry. This work can be very gentle as well as transformative).

Since then, I’ve added different ways of working with them, training with Anodea Judith in Chakra Yoga and creating my own yoga sequences and other blends with coaching, NLP, EFT, unique meditations and crystals.

In included a brief introduction to each of the seven main chakras in my book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing (White Owl, 2017).

Now, this new integrative coaching programme, suitable for complete newcomers and people who want to integrate other ways of working with their chakras, will help you better support yourself in all areas of your life, from finances to creativity, personal power to connection and love, communication and self talk to enhancing your intuition and much more.

Click HERE for more information, a full overview and a special offer that’s available until Monday 3rd July, 2017.




Breaking through (published Rapport, December 2016)



Ever wondered about the difference between breakthrough sessions and regular sessions?

Enormous thanks to Gill Fennings-Monkman MBE, Marilyn Devonish and Joanne Mallon for their input.

You can click RapportDec16Breakthrough to read the whole feature.

What’s been your biggest breakthrough (so far)?

Feel free to share below.




What’s your vision for a better 2017?



Happy New Year!

I’ve written so much about vision boards over the years, I’ve decided to keep this Really Simple (but, as with everything, YOU know yourself best so adapt accordingly):

  1. Spend some time gathering images and words that you feel drawn to. No need to judge or censor at this point, simply gather them together
  2. Ponder some of your goals and hopes for the year ahead. You may want to think about different areas of your life such as work, relationships, health, fitness, home, money, the world at large, your communities, travel, long held (or new) dreams, what your spirit needs – whatever crops up for you
  3. Stick the images and words down in a way that pleases you. I use a big canvas and glue. You might prefer cardboard and tape.
  4. Play with your design. The most important part of this whole endeavor is that it inspires YOU
  5. As you can see from my censored version of my latest above, apart from apparently wanting to become an elephant, I’ve written down each as if it were already the case. I like the affirmation starter ‘I am so happy and grateful that…’ so pop that on a bigger note near the top
  6. I scatter the other goals around the board, sometimes near images or words I’ve cut out that feel relevant
  7. On another larger note near the bottom, ‘Thanks for all this or something better’
  8. Play with it until you’re happy with it. Know nothing’s set in stone and it will evolve as you do
  9. Steve Harvey says he’s had words from his embroidered on clothes he sees each day. The more we can remind ourselves of our aims, the more likely we are to take practical steps towards them. I have a picture of mine on my laptop as well as the original hanging on the wall in World HQ (my teeny home office)

Have you created a vision board before?

What did you learn from it?

Have you done one for this year?

Feel free to share pics of yours in the comments below.

Wishing you a wondrous 2017 filled with all good things!




Ready, aim, shoot! (I got a bullseye!)

(c) Eve Menezes Cunningham 2015
(c) Eve Menezes Cunningham 2015

I booked myself in for an archery class at my gym several weeks ago.

Initially hoping to channel Artemis, Geena Davis and Robin Hood with my amazing natural archery prowess (I’m a sagittarian), by this morning, I was wondering what on earth I’d signed myself up for.

My first effort not only missed the target but the board. My second landed on the white exterior (Board! Result! My companions seemed alarmed by how low my bar was).

But my third – Bullseye!

(c) Eve Menezes Cunningham 2015
(c) Eve Menezes Cunningham 2015

As you can see, I couldn’t quite believe it (and waited until it was safe before going to retrieve the bows and sneak a quick selfie).

Of my final three shots, two were on the target but not bullseye (I can’t even remember which colour they landed on – I just saw, ‘Not bullseye’ and ignored them).

With the other, I had been trying to remember to draw the (huge) bow all the way back to my chin. I apparently brought it back even further thus overshot by what felt like miles and walked a fair way to retrieve it.

I’m not (obviously) an archer, but images and metaphors around targets for goal setting comes up a lot with coaching.

As I cycled to work (singing a little ‘I got a bullseye!’ song I made up to myself), I realised that my magic centre target shot combined with some near misses and other complete misses is pretty typical for me (and many of us!).

Whereas in the past, I’d have been beating myself up over not being a natural shot, concentrating hard enough etc (not especially helpful self talk when attempting to learn a new skill), I was able to let those thoughts go much faster today.

Over the years, I’ve learned to pay more attention to the things that go well. The things that bring joy. To spend more time on the things I enjoy and that come, to an extent, more easily to me rather than trying to force my round pegness into square holes.

When you misfire (work, life, relationships, sports, anything) and things don’t go as you’d hoped, what’s your style? I’d love to hear about times you’ve:

a) missed spectacularly but learned from the experience

b) got exactly what you were going for

c) just missed and

d) overshot

With each type of miss, how might you better support yourself in the future?

For me, today and in life in general, I really noticed how the time I relaxed into it was the time when it was effortlessly easy AND WORKED.

But when I got caught up in worrying about the time, what others might be thinking* and other less focused thoughts, I was literally all over the place.

What are you ready to focus on today? Feel free to answer the questions above and below in the comments section.



* What other people think of me is none of my business