Which area/s of your life brings out your inner zombie?

Image courtesy of http://pixgood.com/cute-zombies-cartoon.html
Image courtesy of http://pixgood.com/cute-zombies-cartoon.html

I just spent a lovely couple of days on Michael Breen’s Behavioural Patterning training. Even though I qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner in 2008   have integrated much of it into my life (as well as into my client work), and have been on Rapport’s editorial team since 2007 (interviewing NLP leading lights and writing about its applications for each issue), NLP covers an enormous amount and there are areas that I know I’d like to delve more deeply into.

The Meta Model is amongst these areas so when I was offered a place on this training and could make it work with my schedule, I leaped at it.

While describing the TOTE (trigger, operate, test, exit) model, Michael said that George Ramiro wanted to make social commentary films in the ‘60s but couldn’t afford to so made zombie films. ‘Those zombies in the shopping mall in Dawn of the Dead? That’s us,’ he said.

Is there an area in your life where you feel stuck or in a bad habit or simply want to improve? Once we consciously think about what we want, identifying current behaviours and seeing we can change and changing (without years of therapy although, of course, therapy has its place), we can transform our lives.

Being on autopilot (be that overspending, overeating, losing things, not getting promoted, whatever it is you want to change) means we’re forgetting that we’re in charge of our thinking and what we do.

‘If you want to do things, learn how to do things. It’s all about moving the obstacles between what you’re currently doing and your desired state,’ says Michael. ‘By and large, people don’t challenge their own thinking.’

Where DO you want to go? If we don’t know, we’re like the zombies, just moving mindlessly.

Which area/s of your life brings out your inner zombie? Do feel free to comment below or email me.

And if you’d like to make a change (or many changes) and would like some support, get in touch.





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